GNAT Pro 19


  • 7 new ports: ARM 64bits bare metal/Linux/QNX/VxWorks 7, x86 Lynx178, RISCV 64bits bare metal, PowerPC Linux hosted on Windows
  • Upgrade to GCC 7, Binutils 2.30.52, GDB 8.2, MinGW 5.0, QEMU 2.12
  • VxWorks: simplify mixed Ada/C++, better integration in WorkBench
  • GNATpp is based on libadalang (faster, can be run on a single file)
  • Spectre V2 mitigation via -mindirect-branch and -mfunction-return switches
  • Link time speedup on Windows for large executables with multiple DLLs 

GNAT Studio

  • Improved stability
  • New learn view
  • Improved debugger integration
  • Improved scenario view
  • Revamped handling of color and theme support
  • Libadalang view

Tools & Libraries

  • Libadalang comes prebuilt and fully supported
  • GNATcheck: Many new coding standard rules implemented and qualified for DO178C
  • GNATcoverage: Improved handling of pragmas for statement coverage; support for programs with compressed debug info
  • GNATdashboard: Support for SonarQube 6.7 LTS; new Web user interface


  • Support for Eclipse 4.8 Oxygen
  • Support for Wind River Workbench 4.12
  • New user interface for runtime selection
  • GNAThub integration