Getting up and running with Ada has never been easier.

GNAT Pro Developer is designed for developers and teams that want to move from C and C++, and bring the reliability of Ada to their projects.

The Ada language was designed for, and has traditionally been used in, domains such as avionics and defense where reaching the highest levels of software reliability is imperative. GNAT Pro Developer was created specifically to help software developers transition to Ada so they can take advantage of the language's benefits: building reliable and efficient applications while saving overall development, verification and maintenance effort.

Introducing Ada into an existing project is simple, with help from both the language itself and the GNAT Pro Developer environment.

Ada has a straightforward and consistent syntax, with natural language keywords that make the source code easy to read. And the GNAT technology is intrinsically multi-lingual, making it easy to mix Ada with code in C, C++ and other languages.

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Not an all-or-nothing scenario

Ada has specific features for composing a program with modules in multiple languages, so you can easily introduce Ada code into existing projects. And binding generators let you call external libraries from Ada or vice versa. Since the GNAT Pro compiler is based on the multilingual GCC code generation technology, mixed-language programming is natural and simple.

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Integrate with Existing Tools

AdaCore’s GNAT Studio visual IDE is extensible and adaptable, allowing external tools (such as version control systems) to be integrated into a project’s infrastructure. And GCC-based tools such as the GDB debugger fully support Ada, again making mixed-language development a straightforward process.

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Availability of Training

Ada is easy to learn, and a variety of training resources are available for programmers at all levels. These include free on-line instruction at, textbooks such as John Barnes’ Programming in Ada 2012, AdaCore booklets on Ada for programmers in languages such as C, C++, and Java, and professional training conducted by AdaCore experts.

Comprehensive Ada Toolsuite

GNAT Pro includes the tools and libraries that you need for getting started with Ada.

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Development Environment

The control panel for all your development is GNAT Studio, an intuitive and adaptable IDE that is easy to learn but that has advanced capabilities to support evolving project needs.

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Library and Components

In addition to the Ada predefined environment GNAT Pro Developer supplies a number of libraries specific to GNAT, including packages for string handling, searching and sorting, hash tables, socket support, input-output, and more.

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Testing and Analysis Tools

The toolsuite includes a configurable reformatter / pretty printer, a program metrics generator, a visual debugger, a code navigator, a test case generator, and more.

Supported Platforms

GNAT Pro Developer is available for x86 Windows (32 bits), x86 Linux (64 bits) and MacOS for native applications. The product is targeted to ARM (bare metal and Linux) for cross development. For a wider range of supported configurations, please see GNAT Pro Enterprise or Assurance

Native Configurations
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Solaris minus
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Embedded Configurations
Bare Metal minus minus check Created with Sketch. minus check Created with Sketch.
Embedded Linux
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Lynx178 minus minus
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VxWorks 5
VxWorks 6 minus minus minus
VxWorks 7 minus minus minus
VxWorks 653

Not currently available, please contact AdaCore.       minus Available only on GNAT Pro Enterprise and Assurance      Not a significant configuration.

Expert Support

Integral to every one of our products are the consulting and support services we provide to our customers. While every company says they offer excellent support, for us it‘s a critical part of our business model and something we take very seriously.

  • check Direct access to the GNAT Pro team
  • check Public on-line support
  • check Responses within 5 days
  • check Support for latest Ada version
  • check Access to GNAT Tracker

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