Gartner Critical Capabilities Report for Application Security Testing 2021

“Secure software is a foundational element of the modern enterprise. Evolving development styles and application architectures mean that security and risk management leaders need to partner with engineering and business teams to automate security tests for the entire application portfolio.”

Key Findings

  • Long considered mature, the application security testing market has entered a period of rapid evolution and change. New vendors and capabilities are addressing evolving requirements and application architectures, and the increased pace of development.

  • "Although application security teams continue to drive most evaluations and purchases, development and engineering groups are increasingly active participants in the process, if not the ultimate buyers."

  • Diverse application portfolios can complicate tool evaluation and assessment efforts, given the need to support both traditional and emerging application architectures. This increases the likelihood traditional platform solutions will need to be supplemented by specialist tools.

According to Gartner, "as software’s role in enabling critical organizational functions continues apace, so does the importance of application security testing. A never-ending stream of breaches and security incidents traced to flaws in application code, along with a growing roster of regulatory and compliance mandates, speak to the criticality of this activity."

With a long history of success in the Aerospace & Defense industries AdaCore’s DNA is anchored in helping customers comply with regulatory mandates & certification needs in very complex embedded systems. Today, we are opening up to new markets as the urgent need of securing embedded critical applications grows exponentially by adding security oriented features such as formal proof, static and dynamic analysis, including fuzzing.

Our job is to provide an end to end development environment with tools and services that guarantees the highest level of security of any embedded application.

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Gartner, Critical Capabilities for Application Security Testing,Mark Horvath, Dale Gardner, Dionisio Zumerle, 26 May 2021

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