Public Ada Training UK

London, September 8-12th, 2014

This training course is hosted in collaboration with our partners Vector Software and will provide a complete introduction to programming in Ada. It will also include a full day on the latest version of the language: Ada 2012. The course will comprise a combination of lessons, lab exercises and practical examples.

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Day 1

Language Basics

  • Introduction and Rationale
  • Declarations
  • Basic Types
  • Statements
  • Arrays

Day 2

Composite Data Structures and Architecture

  • Records
  • Subprograms
  • Packages

Day 3

Advanced Program Architecture Pt. 1

  • Privacy
  • Exceptions
  • Access Types

Day 4

Advanced Program Architecture Pt. 2

  • Inheritance
  • Limited Types
  • Genericity
  • Elaboration

Day 5

Ada 2012 Update

  • Contracts and Aspects
  • New Expressions in Ada 2012
  • Structure and Visibility Improvements
  • Containers and Iterators