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TCP/IP stack for high-integrity systems

Over the last few months AdaCore has been working on developing a TCP/IP stack suitable for use in high-integrity systems. Technical details are provided below. For more information on commercial support please contact


AdaCore TCP/IP stack:

  • Targeted to bare-board embedded applications in certifiable systems.
  • Implemented in SPARK (information flow annotations included).
  • No Ada runtime requirement (supported on the zero footprint proile).


  • Event driven architecture (based on LWIP design)
  • Application interface based on callbacks

Supported protocols:

  • IPv4
  • ARP
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • ICMP


  • No requirement for an underlying OS
  • No threads used
  • For threading applications, user must ensure mutual exclusion
  • Support for multiple user supplied link level drivers (examples in C included: Linux socket/TAP interface, NE2k)

Created on May 10th, 2012.  Updated on May 11th, 2012.

Thomas Quinot

Thomas Quinot holds an engineering degree from Télécom Paris and a PhD from Université Paris VI. The main contribution of his research work is the definition of a flexible middleware architecture aiming at interoperability across distribution models. He joined AdaCore as a Senior Software Engineer in 2003, and is responsible for the distribution technologies. He also participates in the development, maintainance and support of the GNAT compiler.

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