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ParaSail now part of the AdaCore technology family

As part of the merger with SofCheck, a new parallel programming language called ParaSail is now part of the AdaCore technology family.  ParaSail stands for "Parallel Specification and Implementation Language," and is a marriage of formal methods and parallel programming.  

ParaSail provides a pervasively parallel model, where all expressions are evaluated in parallel, and additional explicit parallelism is easy to specify.  At the same time, ParaSail is designed to be very safe.  The compiler identifies and disallows all potential race conditions due to unsynchronized concurrent access to shared data. Furthermore, all typical run-time errors such as array out of bounds, numeric overflow, uninitialized data, etc., are detected at compile time.  Program annotations such as preconditions, postconditions, and invariants are woven directly into the ParaSail syntax, and are enforced at compile time as well.

A prototype ParaSail compiler with an accompanying virtual machine is now available for experimentation and evaluation.  A full line of ParaSail products will be emerging over time.  In addition, a blog describing the design process for ParaSail is available both for historical reference, and to keep up with ongoing ParaSail-related activities:

Created on Mar 2nd, 2012.  Updated on Mar 14th, 2012.

Tucker Taft


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