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The new GNATtest tool helps create and maintain a complete unit testing infrastructure for complex projects. Based on AUnit, it captures the simple idea that each visible subprogram should have at least one corresponding unit test. GNATtest takes a project file as input, and produces two outputs:

- The complete harnessing code for executing all the unit tests under consideration. This code is generated completely automatically.
- A set of separate test stubs for each subprogram to be tested. These test stubs are to be completed by the user.

GNATtest handles Ada’s Object-Oriented Programming features and can be used to help verify tagged type substitutability (the Liskov Substitution Principle) as required by the upcoming DO-178C avionics software safety standard.

Created on Jan 23rd, 2012.  Updated on Mar 14th, 2012.

Arnaud Charlet

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