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GNATdashboard is a new visual tool that supports quality assurance activities, integrating and aggregating the results of AdaCore’s many static and dynamic analysis tools within a common interface. Supplied as a plug-in to the open source SonarQube code quality management platform, GNATdashboard fits in naturally with a software development team’s workflow by using project files to configure, run, and analyze the output from AdaCore tools. A driver program processes data such as compiler warnings, CodePeer diagnostic messages, style check violations, and coverage data, and makes it available for reference and analysis through the web-based SonarQube application. Developers can thus quickly obtain up-to-date information, logically organized and presented, concerning the various quality factors associated with their project. A beta release will be available in Q4 2014.

Below is a presentation of GNATdashboard by Quentin Ochem from the GNAT Industrial User Day event.

Created on Nov 7th, 2013.  Updated on Oct 28th, 2014.

Nicolas Setton

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