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GNAT Pro for ARM processors

The following is an overview of GNAT Pro Ada development environment support for ARM processors by Quentin Ochem at the GNAT Industrial User Day even

Created on Jun 9th, 2014.  Updated on Jun 9th, 2014.

Cyrille Comar

Cyrille Comar is co-founder and Managing Director of AdaCore Europe. He has been involved with Ada for well over a decade. Having received his PhD degree in Computer Sciences in 1986, Dr. Comar joined the GNAT project at New York University in 1993. One of the key architects of GNAT, Cyrille has notably led the implementation of the Ada 95 object-oriented features and the GNAT library model. He was also a key architect of the Ada 95 gcc frontend. Cyrille has published many papers on the Ada language and GNAT technology.

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