GNAT Pro for .NET

For the .NET Framework

GNAT Pro is the natural Ada solution for .NET. It is the first commercial Ada tool to provide true support for the .NET Framework and API: not simply through “unmanaged” (Windows) code but also through managed .NET byte code. GNAT Pro provides an easy transition path for .NET developers seeking a reliable and powerful Ada programming environment, and for Ada users looking to develop software on the .NET platform.

GNAT Pro for .NET is a complete and robust Ada development environment targeted to the Microsoft .NET platform. It consists of an Ada compiler, the GPS Integrated Development Environment, a comprehensive toolset, and a set of libraries and bindings. Integrated smoothly into the .NET platform, GNAT Pro supports convenient debugging with Microsoft’s CLR Debugger that accompanies the .NET Software Development Kit, or through Microsoft Visual Studio. Users can develop all-Ada applications or systems containing Ada and other languages. The product is distributed with complete source code and is backed by rapid and expert support service.

GNAT Pro can be used for systems comprising many thousands of modules, and millions of lines of code. Its robust system architecture scales based on program size and does not degrade abruptly when a fixed capacity is reached. Its Project Manager facility offers users a flexible framework for organizing large, team-based development efforts.

GNAT Pro for .NET fully exploits the features provided by the ISO/ECMA standard CLI (Common Language Interface), and the compiler produces highly efficient code that can run on any .NET implementation.

GNAT Pro makes efficient use of .NET’s exception, multi-tasking, and class mechanisms, and it supports the use of Ada’s interfacing mechanisms with any .NET-compliant library. As a result, GNAT Pro for .NET eases the job of developing applications combining Ada with other languages such as C#, J#, and VB for .NET.

Full source code is provided for all GNAT Pro components. Developers can see how the run-time libraries implement dynamic Ada features in the context of the .NET environment.

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Key Features

  • Support for regular and compact .NET Frameworks
  • Interface to .NET class library
  • Efficient mapping of Ada features (such as tasks, exceptions, tagged types, interfaces) to constructs of the .NET CLI
  • GPS (GNAT Programming Studio), a powerful, extensible and tailorable IDE
  • Support for Microsoft’s CLR debugger and Microsoft Visual Studio
  • CIL (Common Intermediate Language) to Ada binder, easing the integration of external code with an Ada application