Product Updates

GNAT Pro 17

This release is based around GCC 6 while GDB remains on version 7.10. 

On GNU/Linux users may now take advantage of the alternative and faster
“gold” linker and on 64-bit GNU/Linux encapsulated libraries are supported.

The Extended Ravenscar profile is available on bare metal platforms and
there is support for Symmetrical Multi Processing (SMP) on the LEON3
bare-metal platform.

GNAT Pro is now available as a cross compiler, running on 64-bit Linux
workstations targeting PowerPC processors running 64-bit Linux kernels.

GNAT Pro is also now available as an Aarch64 cross compiler, running on
MacOS targeting the iOS operating system, bringing Ada software development
to Apple mobile platforms.

XMLAda, GNATcoll and AWS come precompiled for native platforms.

Some of the other key changes include:

- Improved elaboration order algorithm
- Debugger improvements
  - Exception message now displayed when stopping on an exception
  - Support for task switching when debugging a core file
- GPRbuild
  - New default output to improve usability
  - --build-script switch to generate standalone build scripts
  - Export from library can be limited to symbols in its interface
- GNATtest
  - Improved support for stubbing
  - Improved GNATcoverage integration