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  • GNAT Pro | Libraries and Bindings
    Sep 30th, 2016

    Gtkada.Canvas_View: inline editing improvements
    New signals have been aded:

    New subprograms have been added:
       Set_Editable, Is_Editable
    When an item that is edited interactively by the user is moved, we now also move the editing widget (generally a GtkTextView). This text view now also inherits the font size and attributes from the edited item. End of editing is done via a simple <return>, since the previous <ctrl-return> was impossible to guess by the user. Preselect the whole text when editing, so that the user can more easily change it all.

  • GNAT Pro | Libraries and Bindings
    Jul 22nd, 2016

    New MDI child signals
    New signals have been introduced in the MDI

    allowing respectively to react before a child is unfloated or destroyed.

  • GNAT Pro | Libraries and Bindings
    Apr 15th, 2016

    Improving handling of User_Data
    The following generic packages were modified:

    The Notify parameter was removed from the public API. Instead, GtkAda will call the Destroy procedure to release User_Data.

  • GNAT Pro | Libraries and Bindings
    Mar 18th, 2016

    Make notebook tabs orientation configurable
    New parameter in Gtkada.MDI.Configure allows controlling the orientation of the notebook tabs. Varians are Automatic, Horizontal, Bottom_To_Top and Top_To_Bottom.

  • Additions to Float_Child and Put in Gtkada.MDI
    New parameters allow controlling the position of the child as it is being put in the MDI or when it is being floated.