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    Jun 4th, 2007

    Ada Distilled: An Introduction to Ada Programming for Experienced Computer Programmers

    This book is aimed at experienced programmers who want to learn Ada at the programming level. It is not a "…for dummies" book, nor is it intended as a program design book. Instead, we highlight some key features of the Ada language, with coded examples, that are essential for getting started as an Ada programmer.

    This book emphasizes syntax, control structures, subprogram rules, and how-to coding issues rather than design issues. There are other really fine books available that deal with design. Also, this is not a comprehensive treatment of the Ada language. The bibliography lists some books that can help you once you have finished the material in this book. Think of this a quick-start book, one that enables you, the experienced programmer, to get into the Ada language quickly and easily. The examples use text-oriented programs for simplicity of learning. If you prefer to do the exercises for a GUI environment, check out the sites listed for compilers and tools so you can download bindings for programming in a variety of windowing environments, including Wintel, Linux, and Unix. Of particular interest to those wanting to explore Window style programming are GtkAda, CLAW, GWindows, and JEWL.

    Copyright 2002, AdaWorks Software Engineering

    License: Public Edition. Permission to copy if AdaWorks is acknowledged in copies.

    Download Info

    In addition to downloading the ebook in pdf format, you can also download the sample programming files in the accompanying .zip file