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  • GNAT Pro | Libraries and Bindings
    Sep 30th, 2016

    Gtkada.Canvas_View: inline editing improvements
    New signals have been aded:

    New subprograms have been added:
       Set_Editable, Is_Editable
    When an item that is edited interactively by the user is moved, we now also move the editing widget (generally a GtkTextView). This text view now also inherits the font size and attributes from the edited item. End of editing is done via a simple <return>, since the previous <ctrl-return> was impossible to guess by the user. Preselect the whole text when editing, so that the user can more easily change it all.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Sep 29th, 2016

    GPS: relative paths in the Omnisearch
    The Omnisearch can now also display project relative paths instead of absolute ones. This behavior can be controlled via a checkbox present in the Omnisearch settings.

  • GNAT Pro | GPS | GNATbench
    Sep 29th, 2016

    GPS: non-exclusive key bindings in plugins
    It is now possible to bind keys to actions without unbinding the key. This means that the same key binding might apply to several actions, and the action that gets executed is the first one for which the filter matches. In particular, this allows reusing keys like <enter> or <tab> in contexts other than the editor.

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  • AUnit Cookbook

    This is a short guide for using the AUnit test framework. AUnit is an adaptation of the Java JUnit (Kent Beck, Erich Gamma) and C++ CppUnit (M. Feathers, J. Lacoste, E. Sommerlade, B. Lepilleur, B. Bakker, S. Robbins) unit test frameworks for Ada code.

  • GNATbench for WRS Workbench User’s Guide

    This User’s Guide describes how to use the GNATbench Ada plug-in for Windriver Workbench . Specific help is provided for configuring projects, building systems, and debugging.

  • QGen User Guide

    This is the user documentation for QGen, a qualifiable and tunable code generation and model verification tool for a safe subset of Simulink® and Stateflow® models.

  • The GNU binary utilities

    This is the documentation for GNU Binary Utilities.

  • The GNU linker

    This is the documentation for GNU ld, the GNU linker, part of GNU Binutils.