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  • GNAT Pro
    Aug 28th, 2016

    gnatbind: New elaboration order algorithm
    A new elaboration order algorithm is implemented, which is likely to be friendlier in most cases, especially with existing code that works with other compilers. It has the following useful properties:

      - Considering the graph of library units, each strongly connected component
        (SCC) is elaborated together, with no intervening units from other SCCs.
        In the absence of cycles in this graph, an SCC is a single library unit.
        If there are cycles, an SCC is a maximal group of units with cyclic
        dependences. Note that the nodes of this graph are library units, not
        library items. Cycles among library items are illegal (e.g. two specs
        cannot mention each other in nonlimited with clauses). Cycles among
        library units are legal (two packages may be mutually recursive, so long
        as at least one dependence is via a body.
     - In particular, this implies that if an SCC contains just a spec and the
       corresponding body, and nothing else, the body will be elaborated
       immediately after the spec. This is expected to result in a better
       elaboration order for most programs, because in this case, a call from
       outside the library unit cannot get ABE.
     - The elaboration order chosen is the same in static and dynamic mode.
     - Pragmas Elaborate_All (explicit and implicit) are ignored. Instead, we
       behave as if every legal pragma Elaborate_All were present. That is, if it
       would be legal to have "pragma Elaborate_All(Y);" on X, then we behave as
       if such a pragma exists, even if it does not.

  • GNAT Pro
    Aug 26th, 2016

    Support of Cortex-M0/M0+/M1 on arm-elf platform
    The arm-elf bareboard compiler now supports Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0+ and Cortex-M1 cores. At this time there is no provided runtimes, but users can write their own ones.

  • CodePeer
    Aug 19th, 2016

    More info when reviewing a message in GPS
    The GPS dialog for reviewing a single message now contains information about the message, similarly to the dialog for reviewing multiple messages.

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  • AUnit Cookbook

    This is a short guide for using the AUnit test framework. AUnit is an adaptation of the Java JUnit (Kent Beck, Erich Gamma) and C++ CppUnit (M. Feathers, J. Lacoste, E. Sommerlade, B. Lepilleur, B. Bakker, S. Robbins) unit test frameworks for Ada code.

  • GNATbench for WRS Workbench User’s Guide

    This User’s Guide describes how to use the GNATbench Ada plug-in for Windriver Workbench . Specific help is provided for configuring projects, building systems, and debugging.

  • QGen User Guide

    This is the user documentation for QGen, a qualifiable and tunable code generation and model verification tool for a safe subset of Simulink® and Stateflow® models.

  • The GNU binary utilities

    This is the documentation for GNU Binary Utilities.

  • The GNU linker

    This is the documentation for GNU ld, the GNU linker, part of GNU Binutils.