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  • GNAT Pro|GNATbench | GNAT Pro|GPS
    Mar 31st, 2015

    GPS: library directories displayed in Project view
    For library project, the library directory is displayed as an explicit node in the Project view, in addition to the object directory.

  • GNAT Pro
    Mar 31st, 2015

    New pragma/aspect Volatile_Full_Access
    A new pragma (and equivalent aspect) Volatile_Full_Access is implemented. This is similar to Volatile except that there is a guarantee that every read and write to an object with this aspect will use only instructions which read or write all the bits of the object. This includes the case of accessing a component of the object. Note that this differs from Atomic in that there is no such guarantee for Atomic (the compiler can read part of the object). It is not allowed to use Atomic and Volatile_Full_Access for the same entity.

  • GNAT Pro|GNATbench | GNAT Pro|GPS
    Mar 30th, 2015

    GPS: GPS.Action.disable is a new python function
    Using this function, it is now possible to disable all usage of an action within GPS, and gray out/hide all corresponding menus.

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