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  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 22nd, 2014

    Secondary stack reclamation during elaboration
    The compiler now reclaims the storage used by the secondary stack during the elaboration of a library level object declaration when the initialization expression contains a function returning a controlled or unconstrained result.

  • GNAT Pro
    Apr 22nd, 2014

    gnat2xml generates representation clauses
    A new switch --rep-clauses causes gnat2xml to generate representation clauses for certain types. Size and Component_Size clauses, as well as record_representation_clauses, are generated as appropriate. These may be used to see the representation the compiler has chosen.

  • GNAT Pro|GPRbuild
    Apr 19th, 2014

    New gprinstall option to copy only project sources
    Using gprinstall's --sources-only option it is now possible to install projects sources only. In this mode it is not required for the project to have been built before.

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  • GNAT User’s Guide for native platforms

    This guide describes the use of GNAT, a compiler and software development toolset for the full Ada programming language.

    It describes the features of the compiler and tools, and details how to use them to build Ada 95 applications.

  • SPARK 2014 Toolset User’s Guide

    This guide is aimed at getting new users up and running with the SPARK 2014 tools.

  • SPARK 2014 Reference Manual

    This is the reference manual for the SPARK 2014 language and lists all evolutions to the language.

  • GNATemulator documentation

    This page gives access to the main GNATemulator documentation. GNATemulator is an efficient and flexible tool that provides integrated, lightweight target emulation.

  • GNATcoverage Users Guide

    This document introduces the fundamental principles behind GNATcoverage, a non-intrusive structural coverage analysis framework, and offers a toolset user's guide.