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  • SPARK Pro
    Jan 19th, 2015

    New form of pragma Warnings for specific tool
    Users of GNATprove can now specify pragma Warnings for GNAT and GNATprove separately, to selectively disable warnings from the compiler or the formal verification tool, using the syntax

      pragma Warnings (GNATprove, ...);
    for GNATprove-specific warnings, and
      pragma Warnings (GNAT, ...);
    for GNAT-specific warnings. This also allows detecting useless pragma Warnings with switch -gnatw.w, which was not possible previously as using this switch caused the tools to issue spurious warnings on the those pragma Warnings meant for the other tool.

  • Ada Web Server
    Jan 18th, 2015

    Add support for external schema
    It is now possible to use WSDL with references to external schema. In this case, wsdl2aws tool, will check the schema locally and load it if found.

  • Ada Web Server
    Jan 18th, 2015

    Add support for derived types
    AWS's wsdl2aws tool has now full support for derived types. The namespace for the parent type is properly used when generating the corresponding Ada code. This has make it possible to clean-up some old code to handle Ada Character mapping for example. Any type derivation level is properly handled.

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