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  • GNAT Pro
    Aug 31st, 2015

    Debug info for subprogram renamings
    The compiler now generates debugging information for subprogram renamings, and GDB has been enhanced to make use of it, thus permitting calls to subprograms using the names declared by any of their renamings.

  • GNAT Pro
    Aug 31st, 2015

    New procedure GNAT.OS_Lib.Copy_File_Attributes
    This procedure can be used to copy timestamp and/or file permissions from one file to another.

  • GNAT Pro|GNATbench | GNAT Pro|GPS
    Aug 17th, 2015

    GPS: xref for custom languages
    GPS lets you describe programming languages via plug-ins. In particular, you can declare the rules used for syntax highlighting, and for the naming schemes of their source files. If you also declare the LI_Suffix to be .ali, GPS will now parse any .ali file it finds that relates to those source files, and automatically parse the cross-reference information. Those .ali files must have a structure similar to the ones generated by GNAT or gcc.

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  • Debugging with GDB

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