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  • CodePeer
    Jul 23rd, 2016

    Indirect call results now show original name
    When CodePeer produces a message about an indirect or dispatching call, it used to identify the result by "Indirect_Call'Result." Now it uses the actual name used in the call, such as "P.all'Result" if it is a call through an access-to-subprogram value P, or "Prim_Op'Result" if it is a dispatching call of a primitive operation Prim_Op.

  • SPARK Pro
    Jul 21st, 2016

    Improve posting of SPARK violations
    SPARK violations are now posted on the entity that is not in SPARK rather than on the entity that will result not to be in SPARK for this violation. This is done for formal parameters of a function, return types of a function and indexes of an array.

  • CodePeer
    Jul 20th, 2016

    More precise handling of aliasing
    CodePeer handles aliasing in a more precise way. This includes detecting conditions always true or false in more cases when using complex expressions in conditions, for instance expressions involving aliased variables, and more precise handling of aliasing in a per-file mode when aliased variables are declared in a module imported by the file being analyzed.

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  • AUnit Cookbook

    This is a short guide for using the AUnit test framework. AUnit is an adaptation of the Java JUnit (Kent Beck, Erich Gamma) and C++ CppUnit (M. Feathers, J. Lacoste, E. Sommerlade, B. Lepilleur, B. Bakker, S. Robbins) unit test frameworks for Ada code.

  • GNATbench for WRS Workbench User’s Guide

    This User’s Guide describes how to use the GNATbench Ada plug-in for Windriver Workbench . Specific help is provided for configuring projects, building systems, and debugging.

  • QGen User Guide

    This is the user documentation for QGen, a qualifiable and tunable code generation and model verification tool for a safe subset of Simulink® and Stateflow® models.

  • The GNU binary utilities

    This is the documentation for GNU Binary Utilities.

  • The GNU linker

    This is the documentation for GNU ld, the GNU linker, part of GNU Binutils.